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Why Self-Awareness is important for Success in Online Marketing

Welcome to the site where Self-Awareness and Self Improvement are always the topic of the day. As the title says Self Awareness is indeed a key factor for success in Online Marketing. There are a number of reasons why aspiring online marketers end up stuck with spinning wheels until they give in and give up. Essentially all of those basic reasons can be traced to a lack of self awareness which results in succumbing to one trap or another. With proper preparation you can overcome all of these pitfalls and attain the success you are striving for.

My Story

I am the founder and owner of Oak Creek Systems, LLC.  I founded it originally in 1998 as a hardware/software consulting firm, but I have recently switched the focus over to selling Online Marketing Resources to online marketers.  Even 20 years ago, when my focus was on consulting, I was looking into Online Marketing in one form or another.  Over time I started one form or another of marketing on line, but I always ran into one or another of the typical reasons for dropping it.  I’ve experienced them all from the blind side and succumbed.

Later, several years after my retirement, I was working part-time at a public access TV station to stay busy until they let me go in a downsizing.  Finding myself again with time on my hands I started looking once more into Online Marketing.  This time around I happened to tap into some threads about mindset, unconscious expectations, and self-sabotage.  It was also about this time I picked up a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

With my new-found understanding of what had gone wrong in the past, I realized that this is a story to be spread to all aspiring online marketers.  Those who listen and respond to the call will be able to overcome their crippling mindset and find the success they seek.  I am here to help you accomplish that goal in your life.

My goals

In the process of re-entering the world of online marketing from a new level of awareness I saw that the so-called gurus of Internet marketing are doing a number of practices that actually deter their clients from succeeding.  Rather than encouraging their clients to focus on one project in one niche at a time, which is necessary for succeeding, they keep popping out one shiny after another to tempt and confuse their customers.
I’ve realized that my mission is to help any aspiring marketers who will listen to overcome their detrimental mindset and self-sabotage.  Secondarily, my goal includes convincing my listeners to ignore the “guru’s next shiny object”; focus on the project you have in your hands, build one niche at a time, and then scale it up one phase at a time.  This website is dedicated to providing access to the information and materials that will assist you in adjusting your mindset; and to providing access to low-cost, functional training and resources that can replace the 4-digit games played by the “gurus”.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Here for our mutual success,

Morgan Campbell
Oak Creek Systems, LLC

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