An Overview of Subconscious Mind

The brain is the highest complicated organ of the human body. Doctors and researchers are bringing to light many unknown facts about the brain everyday that we did not know about earlier. Even though researchers are trying to make the whole process of brain simpler, but it remains a highly complex zone. Researchers are also finding ways to use the mind to its full ability for maximum efficiency. However, in most cases that is not possible. Studies show that an average-intelligent human being uses 10% of the brain he can use, and an overly intelligent human being uses a maximum of 15% of the brain he could use. Thus, if a man would use 100% of the mind to solve problems or do any other work, then the world would have improved much.

We can classify a mind into two parts – a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The functions of both are very different; however, each complements the other. Without one, the other is useless. A conscious mind takes the signals and transfers it to the subconscious mind. Then, the subconscious mind takes these signals from the conscious mind, does the thinking, and controls the emotions. After it processes the thinking, it sends out signals in the form of feelings to the brain. This is how it works.

You can solve most of the problems in your life if you use the subconscious mind effectively. However, you must learn to study your inner voice and only then, you can know how to use your subconscious mind. The use of subconscious mind enables you to win half the battles in your life.

Before you study your subconscious mind, here are some points that you will find useful. A person with degraded mentality cannot move forward in life. Low level of confidence and dishonesty also stops a person from moving forward in life. Thus, if you want to achieve success and use your subconscious mind effectively, then you have to learn the right things. Therefore, it becomes imperative for parents to teach their child the right things from the days of childhood. Only then, when a child grows him or she can use his or her subconscious mind with compulsions or learning any techniques. It then becomes a habit to use the subconscious mind. If they don’t, the child grown to an adult must learn these things through self-study in order to succeed in life.

This was just an overview of the functions of a subconscious mind. In reality, there are a number of functions of a subconscious mind, which we are not even aware of.

Why the Online Marketing Mindset Matters

The Mindset In Marketing

It’s a well-documented fact that our subconscious mind is a powerful controlling factor in our lives. The vast majority of us have been programmed our whole lives to accept things as they are and to not expect a change. Our unconscious minds now have us running on autopilot, living that expectation in our day-to-day lives. As a result, when any changes occur we unconsciously make adjustments to restore things to our “norm”. As a result, when we start to succeed at something that will bring about major change in our lives, we unconsciously sabotage ourselves.  The mindset we have formed over our whole lives is blocking our attempts at being successful. In order to be successful at online marketing we must develop an Online marketing mindset.

Cultural Expectations

What are cultural expectations and why do they matter? Cultural expectations are the unspoken, subconscious assumptions we all share.such as “there will be a sunrise tomorrow” and “if I work all week I will get a paycheck”. It goes without saying there are some individual exceptions to this, but overall these are shared assumptions in our culture. These cultural expectations are unconsciously accepted by individuals who are typically controlled by them for their entire lives. For our current topic, we are exploring cultural expectations about wealth and working for a living.

There was a time when it was assumed that sons would take up the same work as their fathers, the rich were expected to stay rich, and the others were expected to remain others. To some extent, these expectations have changed. To some extent they have not. Sons are expected to take up work that may be different from their fathers- but they will work their whole lives. For those a little better off, the next generation can go to college, get an education- and work a better job the rest of their lives.

At the core, these cultural expectations have not really changed that much. Most importantly, the cultural expectations concerning wealth have changed very little. We see exceptions to the rule that the wealthy will remain the only ones wealthy (and we know it’s always the lucky other guy), but that cultural expectation has really changed very little. This is why cultural expectations matter to us here. Our subconscious expectations, our self-image, and our comfort zone have all been trained into us by these cultural expectations.

Why It Matters

One of the most common problems that we, as Internet marketers, must overcome is our subconscious mindset concerning wealth and the possession of wealth. Since we always tend to subconsciously seek our comfort zone and resist changes, when we approach success we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot. The solution to this is to develop an Internet Marketing Mindset.

What is an Internet Marketing Mindset

There is no simple answer to this question. We will begin to explore this subject in our next post.
Stay tuned for some very important discussions and some ways to develop our Online Marketing Mindset.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews- The Complete Marketing Program for 2019

This Complete Marketing Platform Means Success for Affiliate Marketers

Providing the resources and training you need to succeed at online marketing is just the beginning. You’ll find the many advantages provided by Wealthy Affiliates listed below. I found many resources I needed here and I’m sure you will too.


Wealthy Affiliate is composed of a community of friendly, supportive experts who are always ready to lend an ear and a suggestion. All the thousands of members, some of them always on line at any given time, are there to support you in your endeavors and help you turn your passion into a thriving online business.

Is it Really Free?

Yes, and no. You actually can join for free, no credit card required, and remain at starter level as long as you wish. Can one build a successful business as a free member? Perhaps, but since one can enjoy the full benefits of Wealthy Affiliate for only $49/month, it doesn’t make much sense. I joined at the free level, but upgraded within days after seeing what is available to members and realizing that Wealthy Affiliate’s features replace several other services for which I had been paying a total of much more than $49/month. In my case, it actually saved me money!

Membership Comparison Chart

Total Web Presence

Success in online marketing requires a solid online presence- members get a free Wealthy Affiliate website. In fact, they can have up to 50 web sites hosted for free on state-of-the-art servers.

The available web services include:

  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool (and training)
  • 24/7 IT Support

Forget about the 4-digit pricing of the “special coaching” the “gurus” offer. The training, coaching, and counseling at Wealthy Affiliate goes on for as long as you are a member- and at no extra cost! The available coaching here includes:

  • Personal Mentoring,
  • Step by Step Training Courses,
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays),
  • Affiliate Bootcamp,
  • Step-by-Step guidance for creation of your own websites (hosted for free),
  • 24/7 Live Chat Q&A with fellow marketers, experienced trainers, and even the owners Kyle and Carson.
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The Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate program for affiliates begins with a 70-course training program which includes building your own Wealthy Affiliate website! They cover everything from setup to SEO and traffic generation. The commission structure is equally impressive. Free members are eligible to sign up for the affiliate program alongside premium members, but receive half as much commission. Even so they are well-compensated, even at that rate. The Wealthy Affiliate commission rate for premium members is approximately 50%, and for free members is approximately 25%.

Some Final Thoughts

It is rare that I post a review full of pros, and find no significant cons to post as well. This is one of those rare cases. Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt, the best feature-per-dollar marketing platform, best training/coaching program, and most supportive community I have ever been a member of.  Add to that one-on-one coaching from staff professionals, including the owners, and the whole caring community and you have the perfect online marketing platform at an incredibly low price.

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Getting Acquainted

Why Self-Awareness is important for Success in Online Marketing

Welcome to the site where Self-Awareness and Self Improvement are always the topic of the day. As the title says Self Awareness is indeed a key factor for success in Online Marketing. There are a number of reasons why aspiring online marketers end up stuck with spinning wheels until they give in and give up. Essentially all of those basic reasons can be traced to a lack of self awareness which results in succumbing to one trap or another. With proper preparation you can overcome all of these pitfalls and attain the success you are striving for.

My Story

I am the founder and owner of Oak Creek Systems, LLC.  I founded it originally in 1998 as a hardware/software consulting firm, but I have recently switched the focus over to selling Online Marketing Resources to online marketers.  Even 20 years ago, when my focus was on consulting, I was looking into Online Marketing in one form or another.  Over time I started one form or another of marketing on line, but I always ran into one or another of the typical reasons for dropping it.  I’ve experienced them all from the blind side and succumbed.

Later, several years after my retirement, I was working part-time at a public access TV station to stay busy until they let me go in a downsizing.  Finding myself again with time on my hands I started looking once more into Online Marketing.  This time around I happened to tap into some threads about mindset, unconscious expectations, and self-sabotage.  It was also about this time I picked up a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

With my new-found understanding of what had gone wrong in the past, I realized that this is a story to be spread to all aspiring online marketers.  Those who listen and respond to the call will be able to overcome their crippling mindset and find the success they seek.  I am here to help you accomplish that goal in your life.

My goals

In the process of re-entering the world of online marketing from a new level of awareness I saw that the so-called gurus of Internet marketing are doing a number of practices that actually deter their clients from succeeding.  Rather than encouraging their clients to focus on one project in one niche at a time, which is necessary for succeeding, they keep popping out one shiny after another to tempt and confuse their customers.
I’ve realized that my mission is to help any aspiring marketers who will listen to overcome their detrimental mindset and self-sabotage.  Secondarily, my goal includes convincing my listeners to ignore the “guru’s next shiny object”; focus on the project you have in your hands, build one niche at a time, and then scale it up one phase at a time.  This website is dedicated to providing access to the information and materials that will assist you in adjusting your mindset; and to providing access to low-cost, functional training and resources that can replace the 4-digit games played by the “gurus”.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Here for our mutual success,

Morgan Campbell
Oak Creek Systems, LLC