Why the Online Marketing Mindset Matters

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The Mindset In Marketing

It’s a well-documented fact that our subconscious mind is a powerful controlling factor in our lives. The vast majority of us have been programmed our whole lives to accept things as they are and to not expect a change. Our unconscious minds now have us running on autopilot, living that expectation in our day-to-day lives. As a result, when any changes occur we unconsciously make adjustments to restore things to our “norm”. As a result, when we start to succeed at something that will bring about major change in our lives, we unconsciously sabotage ourselves.  The mindset we have formed over our whole lives is blocking our attempts at being successful. In order to be successful at online marketing we must develop an Online marketing mindset.

Cultural Expectations

What are cultural expectations and why do they matter? Cultural expectations are the unspoken, subconscious assumptions we all share.such as “there will be a sunrise tomorrow” and “if I work all week I will get a paycheck”. It goes without saying there are some individual exceptions to this, but overall these are shared assumptions in our culture. These cultural expectations are unconsciously accepted by individuals who are typically controlled by them for their entire lives. For our current topic, we are exploring cultural expectations about wealth and working for a living.

There was a time when it was assumed that sons would take up the same work as their fathers, the rich were expected to stay rich, and the others were expected to remain others. To some extent, these expectations have changed. To some extent they have not. Sons are expected to take up work that may be different from their fathers- but they will work their whole lives. For those a little better off, the next generation can go to college, get an education- and work a better job the rest of their lives.

At the core, these cultural expectations have not really changed that much. Most importantly, the cultural expectations concerning wealth have changed very little. We see exceptions to the rule that the wealthy will remain the only ones wealthy (and we know it’s always the lucky other guy), but that cultural expectation has really changed very little. This is why cultural expectations matter to us here. Our subconscious expectations, our self-image, and our comfort zone have all been trained into us by these cultural expectations.

Why It Matters

One of the most common problems that we, as Internet marketers, must overcome is our subconscious mindset concerning wealth and the possession of wealth. Since we always tend to subconsciously seek our comfort zone and resist changes, when we approach success we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot. The solution to this is to develop an Internet Marketing Mindset.

What is an Internet Marketing Mindset

There is no simple answer to this question. We will begin to explore this subject in our next post.
Stay tuned for some very important discussions and some ways to develop our Online Marketing Mindset.

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